Thank you, see you in 2023


Our show committee chairman Therese Ingram Nissen for helping with logistics, bringing snacks, set up and moral support!
Our trophy committee Kris Dunlap and Christine Trujillo for labeling all of the trophies beautifully. Plus table cloths and set up!
Our show committee all in helpful attendance, Cindy Heydinger, Shelly Jernigan, Kris Dunlap, Christine Trujillo and Amy Fast
Our club secretary Amy Fast for AKC/Onofrio/WCA paperwork and logistics.


To everyone who came from near and far to attend our show, and to our judges, Karen Nauer, David Nauer, Daniel Dowling and Tad Walden
To the Evergreen Kennel Club for allowing us to have our concurrent shows
To all the all-breed volunteers who helped us including ring stewards


The many, many people who donated to our trophy fund who were acknolwedged by name in a previous post. We can’t do this without you!

Have a great fall season, congratulations to our winners, and look for our line-up in the Weimaraner magazine!