MHWC General Meeting

We will hold a general meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. Our reservations are for 6:30 p.m. so wander in when you can make it.

Location: Jim & Nick’s BBQ
24153 E. Prospect Ave
Aurora, CO 80016

Topics of discussion

  • Fall hunt test, what worked, what did not
  • Spring hunt test, where are we holding it? Do we have our dates?
  • Form 2019 spring hunt test committee
  • Christmas party, January 2019, need to decide on dates and who is hosting
  • 2019 Specialty – discuss moving specialty to November in conjunction with the Pueblo cluster of shows and the Colorado Springs Sporting Dog Fanciers Assoc.
  • Form 2019 specialty committee
  • Officer nominations, who is our nominating committee this year?
  • Treasurers report
  • Start planning for our summer 2019 party – not in conjunction with a dog show in 2019. Where, when, what sorts of fun things can we plan? Do we want a raffle at the party?
  • Do we want to hold a ratings test in 2019?
  • Come with your ideas and your thoughts!

You are welcome to attend if you are not a member, but you will be heckled into joining (kidding!). New members and volunteers are always welcome. You do not have to own a Weimaraner to belong to our club! We are a group of dedicated Weimaraner fanciers and breeders who are looking toward the future of the breed, and the sport of dogs. If you’re interested in contributing to that mission, please check us out.