MHWC Hunt Tests

Our next hunt test will be spring 2018, see you then!
Please visit the Field Trial News Colorado Calendar for other hunt tests through other clubs.

During a hunt test, dogs are judged against a standard. This allows for every dog the ability to pass their particular level. Hunt tests are also exclusively done on foot. The three AKC titles that can be awarded are a JH (Junior Hunter), SH (Senior Hunter), and MH (Master Hunter). For a JH title, a dog must have four qualifying runs.  Junior Hunters are judged on hunting, bird finding, pointing and trainability.  The judging scale is from 0-10.  The average score for the four categories must total seven or higher and no single score can be below a four.  Senior Hunter and Master Hunter tests include judging for retrieving and honoring.

For more information on getting started with Hunting Tests – visit the AKC website to get the NEW AKC Pointing Breeds Hunt Test Brochure.

We typically have our hunt tests at Strasburg Game Birds, LLC.

Map to Strasburg Game Birds, LLC

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