Club Business 3/18/22

The new board was voted in during our Feb. 28 general meeting. It is as follows:

President: Cindy Heydinger
Vice President: Shelly Jernigan
Secretary: Amy Fast
Treasurer: Tim Bintner
Board Member At Large: Kris Dulap

Thanks to the nominating committee for their work.

Hunt Test Items:  
The Skyline Brittany Club will be taking our dates for the spring hunt test as a double/double with the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club. The dates are May 21-22.

We are planning on a hunt test in the fall. Please consider joining the hunt test committee! If you are interested in volunteering, let us know.

2022 Fall Specialties:
We need a show committee. Please e-mail if you are interested in chairing the committee or being a committee member. Dates for the fall specialties are Sept. 10 and 11 in conjunction with the Evergreen Kennel Club dog shows.  

Summer Party:

How about meeting in person? Possible dates for a party include July or August. Preferably this will be an all-inclusive potluck not in conjunction with a dog show or other event. Volunteers are needed to host the party or suggestions on where we can all get together.